Wind turbines

Wind turbines

Wind turbines produce renewable energy but are also major obstacles to air navigation as they often reach more than 100 meters.


There are a few more use cases for wind turbines detection. A map of wind turbines at country level can be a great indicator of the country independance toward non renewable energy source.

By associating wind prediction and exact location of wind turbines, it is possible to predict the energy production for upcoming days. This could help traders to guess at future energy prices.

We could also envision to control the correct alignment of the turbines with the wind direction from satellite imagery.


It is probable that 2 m. is the minimum resolution to be able to detect wind turbines with a correct accuravy. There does not seem to be a publicly available machine learning dataset for wind turbines. There are nevertheless available databases that can be crossed with available satellite imagery. Here is an extract of the OpenStreetMap database from early 2021 with around 300,000 wind turbines all over the world.

This article presents an initiative from the USGS to map all windmills in the USA.

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