About this website

I started this site as a collection of interesting stuff about Deep Learning applied to Satellite Imagery.

  • Objects to detect
  • Corresponding datasets
  • Great models to start with
  • Tools that you should use
  • Discussion on strategies for the next steps


Please send me your feedback! This website is mostly a “note to self” about what I am currently working on. As such, I have probably made dozens of approximations and missed several dozens other good articles, datasets or contributions.

If you want to make additions and/or amendments to this website, please contact me directly or, if you wish, do not hesitate to fork it on GitHub and send me a Publish Request (PR). This would be awesome.

Thanks to Unsplash for the awesome photographs ;)

Thanks to Themefisher for the theme and Hugo for providing such great tools!

And many thanks to my company Airbus for offering me the opportunity to work on these exciting satellites images for the last 30 years.

Looking for something specific?

Please, reach out to me if you would like a specific topic to be addressed here!

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